C++ Workshops

Spring 2018

When: Mondays @ 7:15pm. January 29th   February 26th, 2018

Where: Wisenbaker (WEB) 236C

Explore beginner to intermediate concepts in the multi-paradigm programming language C++. We will discuss general concepts in procedural and object-oriented programming, as well as language-specific features. Snacks provided!

Hosted by Ayaz Abdullah

Contact for questions or comments.

Past Events & Feedback

In year's past, we've run these programming workshops. Keep an eye out for upcoming events!

  • C++ Workshop (Series of 5)
  • Python Workshop (Series of 2)
  • MATLAB Studio (Single)
  • GitHub Workshop

Missed a workshop? Check out the files here!


Opportunity for feedback in previous workshops will be available shortly after an event has completed. Please attend a workshop & listen to the leader's instructions on how to fill one out.